10th Sept

September 9, 2020

Currently limited vacancies, please give details of the length of your unit when enquiring by email.

We are not accepting tents this year, we apologies. Toilets & Showers remain closed unfortunately

Services are available inc. laundry and wifi to all residents  We are only providing these to staying guests

Water, waste, chem toilet, hard standing all included in pitch, please call for updated vacancies 

Tuesday 8th Sept

September 6, 2020

We have limited availability in next few days - pitches for smaller units (Campervans) are available. Skye is currently quite busy

We do not have toilets or showers this year so apologies to tented guests

Neither do we supply adhoc waste and refill services - Services are for paid guests only

Enquire for vacancies by phone or email

Thanks to those of you have stayed with us to date - We offer a reduced Covid nightly rate for self contained units

Laundry facilities are available

From Saturday 5th Sept

September 3, 2020

Staffin Campsite has various vacancies if you are looking for the shelter of a pitch tonight with a motor/camper van

Though Toilets & Showers are closed, all other facilities for self contained units are at available and at a reduced Covid rate with electricity  

Please enquire first for availability by telephone for a quicker response 


Wednesday 2nd Sept

September 1, 2020

We have vacancies for various size of units opfffering all motorhome services. Laundry, chem toilet, waste, waste water and srinking water available with electric hook-up.

Sorry we are not catering for tents this year, our toilets and showers onsite remain closed

Enquire about availability from 9am 

Tuesday 1st Sept - Vacancies

August 31, 2020

We have vacancies tonight for units with electric hook up and all other facilities - please incude unit length (m) if enquiring 

Sorry that we are not offering showers or toilets this year for tented guests, for that we apologies

Covid rules mean that because of track n trace we are not offering facilities such as water and waste to visiting units.

We are only dealing with guests on site and not selling water or other facilities. We are following guidelines in recording visitors and their health and safety is of importance to us.

Thank you to the many visitors who have been on the site this year and taken time to stay with nus and enjoy the surroundings 

Vacancies Sunday tonight

August 30, 2020

We currently still have some vacancies for tonight for all unit sizes.

We are not catering for tents this year but have all facilities at reduced site capacity for motorhomes.

Waste water, fresh water, chemical toilet, laundry and waste facilities are available to paying guests.

Electric hook up is available with hard standing

Call 01470 562213 for details 


Vacancies - Availability

August 28, 2020

Note that we have vacancies for self contained motorhomes

For best information and enquiries please call us on 01470 562213

Vacancies existing with hard standing, electric hook up, chemical toilet, fresh water, grey water waste and laundry

We only cater for signed in guests, no adhoc services for units not staying on site, sorry no toilets or showers in 2020 

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